Brett Pattinson

 Entrepreneur  International Business Development Alchemist  Creator  Consultant  Marketing & Re-branding Specialist

Brett Pattinson’s career began as a rock star. Forget the generic ‘rock star’ term often bandied about nowadays. He was a real one, as in a bona fide, wildly celebrated onstage performer, fronting one of Australia’s most-loved bands of the eighties: The Allniters. With a nod to Jamaican mento and the 2-Tone ska revival, Pattinson co-forged the ensemble in various garages around Sydney until the band was ready to burn up the live circuit with sizzling ska and renegade reggae, playing alongside the likes of The Clash, Madness, UB40, INXS and The Style Council. Few will ever forget the tuneful ‘Love and Affection’ and upbeat skank-inducing ‘Montego Bay’ which both blasted into the Top 10 locally and recently voted No 86 in the top 100 Australian classics of all times, before making waves internationally, which would become something of a Pattinson trademark.

As Brett became the darling of ‘Sounds’ and ‘Countdown’, with swarms of bouffanted rude girls and boys before him, he also had a keen eye for style, easily pinpointing that which was cutting edge and turning it into gold. He also held a fascination for the holistic, so while remaining adorned in his crisp Ben Sherman attire, Pattinson began studying business, economics and eastern philosophy with a view to applying alchemy to business practices, branching into divergent industries to generate even greater success than he had already enjoyed.

During the nineties, Brett Pattinson owned the highly successful luxury organic cosmetics brand BOD, which produced and distributed a sublime, 100% natural organic skincare range that was retailed nationally by boutiques and high-end department stores throughout 30 countries. After listing the business on the Australian Stock Exchange, the business was sold for a healthy profit . He simultaneously lectured at the prestigious Nature Care College, his specialty subjects being shiatsu and tai chi.

However, by 2007 Pattinson’s entrepreneurial mastery kicked into overdrive. He founded Apple & Bee, an organic bag and accessories label, and firmly set his sights on business development and widespread expansion. Using the same tenacity and drive that had brought him platinum success in the past, Pattinson secured stockists in Australia, Asia, Europe, Canada and the USA. In testament to his keen business acumen, Apple & Bee was stocked in over a thousand retail stores across North America alone, four of which forming part of the biggest chains in the States, namely Nordstrom, Whole Foods, Neiman Marcus and Barnes & Noble. By 2014, Apple & Bee had doubled its turnover, which is certainly worth noting given the retail climate at the time.

Remaining true to his sustainability ideals, Brett’s reputation led him to a variety of consultancy opportunities. He mentored an elite selection of small businesses, designed several skin care ranges for leading Australian health care brands, penned a book, worked on a compilation album featuring a plethora of Australian classics and fresh local artists, and produced a short documentary for the ABC on the mod/punk era of the eighties.

In 2015, Brett co-founded the Mongrel Joe’s High Octane Organic Coffee brand, using his tried and tested formula to guarantee its success. Simultaneously, he starred, produced and packaged ‘A Rude Awakening’, the story of the Allniters, an iconic act gravitated to by stark raving mods, punks, skinheads, and rude girls and boys – all fascinated by a band clearly spearheading a new movement. The DVD launched a national sold out tour ‘Not like that … Like This’, seeing the Allniters reunite, and now, after pioneering a scene that continues to thrive today.

‘Float your boat”, is his new passion, teaming up with George Sabados to create a podcast about real people with real stories, and the pursuit to answer the big question “what makes you happy in life”

Meanwhile, Brett Pattinson continues to draw on his strengths and extensive knowledge to help small businesses progress with fluidity, specialising in sales and marketing, branding and re-branding, sourcing and networking. Forever an ideas man, Brett knows how to outsmart competitors. He is known for linking people and creating strategic alliances that meet individual needs.

Brett Pattinson has a diverse, proven track record, which includes breaking into new territories across the globe. He is a premium business counsellor and consultant minus the extraneous lip service. He’s at the ready to roll up his sleeves and help other businesses build themselves from the ground up, and with his rock star roots never forgotten, Pattinson is poised to develop new projects simultaneous to indulging his personal passions, forever injecting his own unique style with enthusiasm and panache.

From George Sabados

Hello and welcome.
I am guessing if you are reading this you really do want to know a little more about me, but I am also guessing that you do not want to read chapters and chapters on all the things I have done. Truth is, most of it is irrelevant in the context of where we find ourselves today.

However, it is worth mentioning that since 1998 I have had the privilege to work with over 1500 franchisees in the Food & Beverage Sector around the world, with a great number of other business types thrown in.

Despite being known as a coffee expert, that is not who I am. I would best describe myself as someone who loves helping other business owners in the retail space become entrepreneurs – to improve their lives, their businesses & most importantly, their financial position.

The HIGHER PURPOSE I have set for myself is to use my imagination, vast experience and great people skills to inspire, motivate and instruct franchisees and small business owners everywhere in how to unlock their unlimited potential and the true potential of their business.

At FLOAT YOUR BOAT, Brett and I share in a fun, interesting and relaxed way what it took others to be successful in their field. Our hope is that we can help you avoid many of the pitfalls along your journey to success.

We welcome hearing from you.