What floats your boat?

At Float Your Boat (FYB), we believe we’re all trying to keep afloat in the same earth-shaped boat, drifting along on our little slice of earth-pie. So, jump onboard Float Your Boat, and take a look at the lives of the well-known, and the not so well-known, extraordinary people here on planet earth with us. Hosted by local larrikins Brett Pattinson & George Sabados, as they share inspiring stories told by real people.

“Two Blokes Guide to Happiness; Inspiring People, Real Stories, Dad Jokes”

Latest Podcast

Pete Smith is a unique combination of adventurer, philosopher, anthropologist, and a quintessential dork. When he’s…

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For ten years Sally Cameron has delighted global audiences as a member of the critically acclaimed a cappella vocal…

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Yves is a reluctant star, actor, director, voice specialist, teacher, romantic and more recently writer. Yves wears his…

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